The Citizen Development Lab

Delivering a body of research which empowers people to develop the skills, competences, and confidence to work with digital technologies through Citizen Development


Citizen Development is a novel business process that encourages non-IT-trained employees to develop digital solutions, using IT-sanctioned low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms to create business applications. Leveraging recent advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the process hides the sophistication and complexity of coding to empower non-technical business users to deliver automated solutions for their organisation.

“This is a really innovative approach to empower staff and to help build health system-wide digital capability, capacity and competence across a Digital Health ecosystem."
Health Service Executive

The team at the Citizen Development Lab have collaborated with Microsoft and the Project Management Institute (PMI) to launch the Citizen Development University Hub to educate students on Citizen Development. This year, over 550 students from University of Galway completed the training and received certification from both Microsoft and PMI. The team also support organisations to improve and sustain digital transformations through rapid-cycle innovation which Citizen Development enables

“Thank you so much for exposing us to Citizen Development. I was a technophobe but this has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of digital technology, so much so that I am planning to do a Masters in this area. Thank you so much.”
Student, University of Galway

Citizen Development are carrying out research with Shell on their adoption of Citizen Development as a “Do It Yourself” initiative. This demonstrates how Citizen Development is contributing to the digital transformation journey towards more sustainable power and energy sources. This has also created a number of new roles in the organisation by empowering users to play a role in their digital transformation process.

"Citizen Development supports employees to develop digital solutions and address specific business problems. This creates new value and unleashes the full potential of our data. It also uncovers value generating ideas, spurs innovation and further develops a learner mindset. This really develops people potential, enables agility and productivity, and encourages rapid prototyping"

The team includes Dr Noel Carroll, Dr Matthew Ajimati, Ms Mary Maher, Mr Srikanth Tiyyagura, and Dr Cornelia Connolly, Citizen Development Lab, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics

The project received President's Award for Research Excellence at University of Galway in 2022.
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