University of Galway Research and Innovation Strategy

Purpose. People. Place.

The research community at University of Galway exemplifies the creative energy and transformative ambition of the university.

We pursue enquiry as an intrinsic good, share our insights locally and globally as a public good, and ensure that research has a significant impact for all our communities of engagement.

We are delighted to share with you our new Research and Innovation Strategy, and invite you to engage with us on our research mission.

Our new Research and Innovation Strategy sets out to maximise research impact, nurture a thriving research community and put in place robust research partnerships locally and globally.  

We invite you to visit the University of Galway Research and Innovation Strategy document on the links below.

To watch our recording of the launch of the strategy on 19 October 2022, featuring Professor Helga Nowotny, former President of the European Research Council, click here or watch the video below.

We also invite you to view details of the University of Galway Global Challenges programme via the links below.